I am here to help guide you back to why you started this business in the first place. To work with children and run your own successful business.

Hello! My name is Kristie
I have been a Family Child Care Provider for 10 years.
I have worked with children for over 20 years.

I am...

  • Licensed General Education Teacher (K-6)
  • Four licensures as a Special Education Teacher
  • Specialized in: Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum
  • Disorders, Academic/Behavior Specialist
  • Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education
  • Masters Degree in Special Education.
  • Licensed In-home Family Child Care Provider
  • Four-star Parent Aware MN Daycare Rating

10 years ago, I was teaching first grade and special education.
Then I said what so many parents say,
I want to be home with my children.

So I started my family child care.
I started out small and didn't have any experience running my own business.

I made a lot of mistakes the first 5+ years. The learning curve is steep! This business can feel lonely and isolating.

I so desperately WANTED and NEEDED a support system.

I was looking for support anywhere possible.
At trainings, I wanted to reach out to the veteran providers in the room, but it was difficult to create lasting relationships.
I needed advice on daily activities, contracts, behavior management, parents, policies and MOSTLY someone to validate all of my feelings and support me.

I lost $1,000s each month when...
I would make exceptions, Not follow my policies, take too many unpaid days, not trust my gut,
The list goes on...

My mental health was in decline. I stopped seeing myself as a professional. I kept catering to families all in the name of "being a good provider." My family and I took the brunt of it and I started to feel the burn out.

So many questions would run through my mind.

Should I quit?

I am able to make it in this business?
How can I change my program to work for me and my families?
How do I stay open to serve my childcare families?

I made A LOT of changes!

I found a small group of providers that lean on each other and pick each other up.

Having support was my only way through.

I put myself and my family first.

I stopped adapting my family around the childcare families needs.

I created a business that worked for me and then found families that fit into it.

I was the provider that my child care children deserve.

I will help your business thrive too!